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The Fajrworld platform is an investment website that serves as a bridge between investors who have a minimal idea regarding the sports arbitrage business and traders who have a deep understanding of it.
Yes, Fajrworld is a trademark of Fajrworld Marketing Ltd (company number ), which is registered in 2019 in England and Wales. Our declaration of incorporation can be viewed under Our Company tab
In July 2017, platform was opened to public. Key traders were working since 2014. Administration was hired in the last of 2017 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals.
This data is not revealed to the public as it is considered a business secret. Exposing this data could characterize Fajrworld as an investment counselor, which conflicts with our terms of service, universal business and trading laws, thus incurring a criminal risk against us. We will, be that as it may, share our outcomes in subjective measures.
To sign up with us, you have to register an account by clicking Register on the top of the website. Then you only need to simply deposit funds by your favorite payment method into your account at Fajrworld and we will handle the rest.

Account Funding

You have to make use of a payment system account to fund your Fajrworld account.
Payment systems are an exceptionally advantageous approach to transfer funds via online platforms because every transaction is instant and the charges are minimal as opposed to bank transfer charges. They additionally suit our plan of action exceptionally well because it's very simple to transfer funds to and from our trading accounts.
Almost all of the payment systems have direct deposit by bank wire to its balance. We avoid use of direct bank wires to our company because we would need to do additional verifications on every transfer and the bank may hold our funds for any reason, which we cannot allow. By using payment systems we can guarantee fast movement of money to and from our trading accounts. It also allows you to receive money instantly from us once it’s sent.
No, direct payments via credit cards are not allowed on the Fajrworld platform. However, you can fund your payment system account with a credit card and transfer funds to your Fajrworld account.


Click the Reset Password link beneath the Log In box and adhere to the stipulated process. In the event that for any reason it isn't successful, please contact our support team and we will reset it for you.
You can do in you member area. For security reasons, you will have to enter the security code received on your registered email to confirm changes. Keep in mind that we are processing payments manually, and may ask if that was you who changed the details in case we find suspicious logins to your account.
Yes, but you will have to provide relevant information to us to prove that it’s managed by the same person/household to avoid loss of funds and to prevent money laundering.
No, the investment once made cannot be withdrawn. The investment and the profit thereon is periodically returned in the form of ROI in predefined cycles.


We acknowledge individuals from the whole world however you ought to be no less than 18 years of age to create an account.
We acknowledge several payment systems, which include Bitcoin.
Investment period is of different cycles.
The least investment sum is 100 USD.
Yes, all deposits are taken care of independently and you can make various deposits even on different currencies.


You will receive Auto withdrawal the amount shown in your US Dollar account.
The lowest withdrawal amount is 50 USD.
Yes, each transaction will fetch administrative charges of 10%
All Withdrawals are auto withdrawal on every Sunday . You don't need to withdraw

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is an approach to gain additional money by referring new individuals to Fajrworld. It isn't compulsory to refer others to profit but rather it's an extraordinary approach to expand your earnings. We have a nine level deep referral system which implies that you will gain commissions on investments made by people you refer and likewise on deposits made by their referrals.
Affiliate s are promoters with great promotional aptitudes eager to assist newcomers by means of email, telephone or instant messengers. At the point when another financial investor visits our website initially, they can reach out to a local Affiliate in their native dialect to make inquiries concerning Fajrworld and its business.
Investment period is of different cycles.
Please visit Affiliate page, where you will be requested to complete a form with your contact details and convey to us what you have been accomplishing for Crypto Advice as such. We will assess your profile and get in touch with you to communicate our response. Please note that it is mandatory to have a Prime Package of your investment (which is 100 USD) before you apply.
No, just your new payments alone will fall under the new rates. The system isn't retroactive.
No, you can not.
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